Wyoming Democrats propose bill to create Covid support program for those suffering

WyDems 10-30-21

Wyoming Democrats have proposed a bill that would create a Covid impact support
program using American Rescue Plan funds to provide monetary support for food,
medicine, child care, mental health support and lost wages for individuals and families
suffering from the impacts of Covid.

Administered through the Department of Family Services, in coordination with existing
social service programs, the temporary Individual and Family COVID-19 Impact
Support Program is designed to provide a hand up for those quarantined or recovering
from Covid who lack access to basic services. “Whether an individual without a support
system nearby to help with meals, or a family with lost wages who is deciding between
rent and medication, this program is meant to alleviate the unnecessary suffering felt by
our Wyoming friends and neighbors” shared co-sponsor Representative Trey Sherwood.

In an effort to prevent duplication of services, the program can be coordinated with
existing social service programs at local levels. Benefits under the program shall be
initiated by boards of county commissioners who may request increased support to
individuals and families suffering from the impacts of COVID-19.

If the bill passes, twenty million dollars from American Rescue Plan funds will be
provided to Wyoming’s Department of Family Services to distribute.

Co sponsor Representative Karlee Provenza shared, “We’ve heard from our constituents that
they have struggled tremendously in trying to access basic necessities. If Covid relief
funding isn’t meant to ensure that those with Covid are able to access food, proper medical
care, and resources while missing work to recover, then I don’t know what it’s meant for”.

The bill can be found on the Wyoming Legislative website here: