Wyoming Lottery Selling Tickets In Record Numbers

By Staff 1-12,2016

Spurred on by the biggest jackpots ever in Cowboy Draw and Powerball, Wyoming lottery tickets are selling at a record pace.  The Powerball jackpot is now at $1.5 billion, and the Cowboy Draw sits at $1.08 million dollars.

Jon Clontz, CEO of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation, says tickets sales have more than doubled the number of tickets sold when the lottery first kicked off.  Clontz says sales last week topped $3 million, and this weeks sales are also outpacing average sales figures…..

Clontz says every county in Wyoming is seeing outstanding ticket sales, but with some help from ticket buyers from Utah, Unita County in southwestern Wyoming is outselling them all…..

The next Powerball drawing will be Wednesday evening.