Wyoming Savings Continue to Grow

401(K) 2013, Flickr

By Associated Press – 2 Nov ’14

Some Wyoming lawmakers say they want a more open discussion about state savings policies as the balance in the state’s so-called “rainy day fund” nears $2 billion.

According to a recent report from the state’s Consensus Revenue Estimating Group, the balance in the state’s Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account has climbed nearly $400 million in the past two years.

Casper Republican Rep. Steve Harshman is chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. He says uncertainty about the future of the state’s coal industry makes it prudent to continue substantial savings.

House Minority Floor Leader Rep. Mary Throne says lawmakers need to have an open discussion about whether increasing savings is the best policy. The Cheyenne Democrat says school districts around the state need more money and the state faces decaying infrastructure.