Wyoming Supreme Court Disbars Cheyenne Lawyer

By Staff – 3 Nov ’14

The Wyoming Supreme Court today ordered the disbarment of Cheyenne attorney Scott M. Powers from the practice of law effective immediately.

Powers received a public censure from the Court in December 2013 for a lack of diligence and failure to adequately communicate with clients in three different matters. In April 2014, the Court ordered a nine month suspension of Power’s license to practice law. The order of suspension related to four additional matters in which Powers conceded he violated numerous rules, including Rules 1.3 (diligence) and 1.4 (failure to communicate with clients) of the Wyoming Rules of Professional Conduct. The order of disbarment relates to six new complaints in which Powers conceded that he violated numerous rules, including Rules 1.1 (competence), 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 (fees).

Clients’ Security Fund claims in excess of $16,000 were also paid to Powers’ clients. Powers stipulated to his disbarment and entered into a payment plan to reimburse the Wyoming State Bar for the Clients’ Security Fund claims. The Board of Professional Responsibility approved the stipulation and issued its report and recommendation for Powers’ disbarment to the Wyoming Supreme Court. The Court adopted the Board’s report and recommendation and ordered Powers to pay a $500 administrative fee and costs in the amount of $50 to the Wyoming State Bar.

Order of Disbarment