Bison injures woman posing for selfie at Yellowstone


YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (AP) – Yellowstone National Park officials are warning tourists to keep their distance after a bison flipped a woman into the air as she posed for a selfie with the massive beast.

The dangerous encounter was the fifth run-in between park-goers and buffalo at the park this year.

Park spokesmen Amy Bartlett tells KFBC, the 43-year-old Mississippi woman turned her back on the animal Tuesday evening to get a photo with it on a trail near Old Faithful.

The woman’s family drove her to a nearby clinic where she was treated and released. According to Bartlett, the woman is “extremely lucky,” she wasn’t punctured by the Bison.

Yellowstone prohibits people from getting within 25 yards of bison. Bartlett hopes more people will steer clear from Bison and other wild animals at the park.