BOPU Responds to Discolored Water

By Staff – 3 Sept ’14

The Board of Public Utilities reports that water department crews are responding to discolored water calls by flushing hydrants. Customers who experience discolored water should avoid using hot water and avoid doing laundry to prevent sediment and minerals from being drawn into water heaters or onto clothes.

Customers can clear the water from their pipes by running cold water from a hose or faucet for 15 to 20 minutes. If the water doesn’t clear, call
the water department at 637-6471. Once water flows clear again, normal water use may resume.

Discolored water events are usually caused by sudden changes in how water flows through the mains. These sudden changes can stir up sediment or dislodge corrosion resulting in the discolored water. While these events discolor the water, the city says the water continues to be safe.