Cheyenne Animal Shelter Announces Temporary Reduction in Service

CAS 10-9-20

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter will scale back its hours and services to the community for the next 14 days due to another valued employee testing positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

The Shelter has had to close twice since March because of the virus. Shelter workers are considered “essential workers” to care for hundreds of homeless and stray animals in the community.

“As frustrating as this is, we have determined it is best to scale back our operations through October 22nd to provide more safety to our community and staff,” said Sue Castaneda, CEO. “We will continue monitoring the situation to be both responsive and responsible in these ever-evolving times. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to our team member!”

According to Castaneda, the following protocols are now in place:

The essential staff that does not have a fever or exhibits any signs of the virus will continue to care for the animals.  

Staff will be available to answer phone calls from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 307-632-6655.

Patrons who already have adoption counsels scheduled will receive a call from an adoption counselor and can still visit an adoptable dog during a scheduled “meet and greet” outside at the Shelter. Cat adoption visits will be held inside a large open area within the Shelter, so both the counselor and adoptee wearing a mask can remain socially distanced. Or, patrons may choose to reschedule when the Shelter reopens.

Stray pets may be reunited with their owners by calling 307-632-6655 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Again, the Shelter asks the patron to wear a mask and not to enter if exhibiting any signs of COVID-19. 

Animal Control will continue to serve from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. by calling 307-635-1453.  

All stray animals will be returned directly to their homes when possible if they are wearing a current form of identification, rather than being taken to the Shelter facility.

After hours, those who find a stray animal are encouraged to keep it until 8 a.m. the following morning when Animal Control can come to pick it up. Or, you may contact the Cheyenne Police Department at XXX in an emergency.  

We also encourage those who lose or find an animal to contact our After Hours Lost and Found hotline volunteers at 307-214-5779 and post it on their Facebook page by the same name.  

In-field surrenders of animals will be conducted only if the animal is contained in an outside area. Stray animals that have been confined by the public must be brought outside before an officer picks them up. 

 Animal bite reports will be taken online only online at (Animal Control Corner)

The Shelter staff will offer phone consults for voluntary animal surrenders, but we ask that the owner consider keeping the pet for a few more days. In an emergency where the owner needs to bring the pet to the Shelter, please make an appointment at 307-632-6655.  

For anyone concerned about adopting an animal from any animal care facility where COVID has presented itself, the Shelter’s medical team would direct them to an article written by the American Veterinary Medical Association —

“Each year, we care for nearly 6,000 pets,” Castaneda said. “We appreciate the support of all those who wish to help the animals. Right now, monetary contributions are the most essential and provide us with the greatest flexibility, allowing us to immediately meet the specific needs of any animal in our care. If you are interested in helping with a monetary contribution, please do so online at or by mail at 800 Southwest Drive, 82007