Cheyenne Police Return Fire, Kill Local Man

khawkins04, Flickr
By Staff

The Wyoming Department of Investigation has determined that it was a bullet from a police officer’s gun that a killed a Cheyenne man in July. An autopsy of 22 year old Sage Hack showed he died of a gunshot wound from a .223 caliber rifle used by two Cheyenne police officers. Dan Long, Public Information Officer for the Cheyenne Police Department, said officers returned fire after Hack fired at them first and were unaware they had hit Hack.

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The autopsy showed hack a blood alcohol level of .373 at the time of the incident. The DCI report showed hack fired his 9mm weapon six times in the living room of the home at 215 Stinson Avenue. Long says the case is still under investigation.

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The Cheyenne Police Department will convene a use of force review board to determine if the officer acted within department policy, which is done whenever deadly force is used. Police Chief Brian Kozak said he does not foresee any issues since it is obvious that officers had to use their firearms to save their lives.