Cheyenne Stiffens Door To Door Regulations

The Cheyenne City Council has passed an ordinance that strengthens regulations on door to door sales.   The ordinance would require salespersons to register with the city and get a photo ID before going door to door.

“Now when somebody does come to your door you can ask them where’s your ID at and if they can’t provide the badge that’s been given to them by the city for authorized sales  residents have stronger ground to stand on when it comes to law enforcement,” said councilman Richard Johnson.  “This doesn’t forbid the Girls Scouts, the Boy Scouts, church organizations, school fundraisers, none of those organizations are effected by this.  It’s literally to kind of get more regulation into the transient sales people coming into our community going door to door.”

“We’ve had this code on the books for many many years,” said Mayor Rick Kaysen.  “It has become somewhat problematic in people taking advantage of the code not having the proper licensing not having the proper identification.  It’s a response to complaints we have received over the last couple of years.”