Cheyenne VA Hosting “Town Hall” to Receive Veterans Comments

By Reece Monaco – 8 Sept ’14

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Cheyenne Veterans Services Center will hold a town hall meeting on Tuesday to get feedback from veterans.

“The VA is interested in finding out from the veterans how we can improve the service that we’re providing to them and also to find out what service they are particularly getting, good, bad, and otherwise,” Public Affairs Officer Rebecca Sawyer Smith told KFBC. “It’s just learning a little bit more about VA, what we can do and where we need to continue our work.”

Smith confirms the town hall meetings are a direct result of the scandal that rocked the VA about how veterans are being treated in their facilities.

The town hall will start at 10 a.m. on Tuesday and run until noon at the Buffalo Building of the Cheyenne VA Medical Center.