City Considers Resolution Supporting Parking Structure Next To Hynds Building

By Staff 2.14.2017

The City of Cheyenne is considering a resolution to commit funds to aide in the construction of a parking facility next to the Hynds Building. Mayor Marian Orr says finalizing a parking structure could be the final piece they need to move the development of the Hynds Building forward.

“The developer of the Hynds is coming very close to completing a deal to have the tenant sign on and sign a lease. The barrier is, of course, parking. The resolution would allow the city to commit up to $750,000 dollars to the development of parking right next to the Hynds Building, as well as designating on street parking.”

The parking structure would be a covered facility built in the hole next to the Hynds. That land is currently owned by the Children’s Museum of Cheyenne.  The CMC is selling the property with the help of Cheyenne LEADS.  If accomplished, parking spaces in the parking structure would be leased back to the city and then the public would have access to those spaces in off business hours.

“The bottom line is we have the potential to take care of a major cornerstone in the heart of our downtown and to have that building come alive again after 30 plus years,” said Orr.

The resolution new heads to the finance committee.