City Launches New Website that Allows Residents to Share Ideas

By Staff – 7 Sept ’14

The City of Cheyenne has launched an online community engagement website that allows citizens to share ideas on a variety of City issues.

“Now is the time to take action, because when it comes to finding solutions to the challenges affecting Cheyenne, no one is better suited than our local residents,” said Matt Ashby, Planning Services Director for the City of Cheyenne.

“Engage Cheyenne” ( allows participants the opportunity to share ideas, second others’ ideas, expand upon existing ideas, give feedback on initiatives, and collaborate with City officials on a variety of topics online anytime.

The community engagement website was previously used to engage citizens on the West Edge project and will now be used to highlight specific civic projects such as the Pershing Complete Streets Project, which aims to make travel on Pershing Boulevard safer and more pleasant for all users. Participants will be able to weigh in on safety measures, design treatments, and more.

The website will measure and track participation, identify the most interested citizens and most compelling topics, and make it easy for administrators to communicate back to participants. The tool will deliver measurable results and invaluable insights for community leaders and elected officials.