City To Begin Hydrant Flushing


By Staff 4-19,2016

The City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) would like to inform customers that the Water Department’s crews will be conducting their annual testing and flushing of fire hydrants beginning Tuesday, April 19, 2016 for approximately eight weeks, weather permitting.

The system-wide flushing is a preventative maintenance used to improve water quality and determine flow rates prior to summer use. Releasing water at high velocities from hydrants scours and scrubs water mains which removes film and sediments. If left unattended, these deposits could eventually impede water flow, which can produce reduced water flows for fire protection and cause taste and discoloration issues.

In addition to keeping Cheyenne’s drinking water clean and safe, the hydrant flushing helps keep insurance premiums for Cheyenne’s residents manageable. Flow rates and pressure test information gathered by the crews is used by the Insurance Service Office to rate Cheyenne’s fire suppression abilities. Thus better ratings may result in lower commercial and residential insurance premiums.

With over 3,000 fire hydrants, flushing will take place sections at a time, beginning off Happy Jack Road, around Missile Drive, Randall, and Snyder Avenues, South Park Estates, and in the neighborhood by Johnson Junior High School. Please be cautious of people working in the streets and observe traffic diversions.

Hydrant flushing may cause your water to appear cloudy or discolored. Though not harmful, this water may stain laundry. If the water is discolored:

 Wait until the nearby hydrant flushing is complete

 Let the COLD water faucet or outside spigot run until the water clears

 Clean out faucet aerators or filters

If the water doesn’t clear, please call BOPU’s Water Department at 637-6471.

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