City To Introduce Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge Idea On April 24

City   4-16-18

The City of Cheyenne will host the first of three events on Tuesday, April 24th as part of their involvement in the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge.

The event – held in The Grier Building at 106 E. Lincolnway — opens to the public at 7:00 p.m. as city officials introduce their Buildings With A Purpose idea set to match entrepreneurs with downtown building owners while simultaneously incorporating crowdfunding opportunities for the public to make an impact into the revitalization of the downtown core. 

“I’m excited about this testing phase of our idea. Testing and prototyping is not new to the private sector, but it is for government,” said City of Cheyenne Mayor, Marian Orr. “As we look at policies including ‘Fight the Blight’ and creating innovative solutions through programs such as our ‘Buildings with a Purpose’, it’s about testing our assumptions and allowing us to learn, refine, and adapt before fully implementing a concept.”

Attendees will be asked to offer feedback as they’re led through storyboards from the perspective of both a downtown building owner and entrepreneur. The storyboards will test the assumptions made by city officials on the process, and obstacles, faced by both parties in redevelopment. The storyboards also incorporate the City’s Buildings With A Purpose plan set to ease those problems.

In addition to the storyboards, the event features a service journey map that explores the idea’s crowdfunding component and the assumption that there exists a demand for social impact investing.

Stakeholder and public feedback throughout the event will serve as a vital resource for city officials to further develop, and refine, their Buildings With A Purpose prototypes. For more information on the event, click here

In addition to written and verbal feedback, the event will be recorded to provide further insight on attendee’s reception of the idea.

“We want to hear from attendees, from our entrepreneurs, building owners, investors, and community in general. As one of only 35 cities across the country chosen to take their idea to this level, community participation is critical.” added Orr. 

Future events will be announced later on the city’s website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. For more information on Buildings With A Purpose, and Cheyenne’s involvement with Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge, click here