Council Passes Resolution to Amend 6th Penny Ballot

Staff 1-24-2017

The Cheyenne City Council has introduced a resolution that would add street repairs to the 6th Penny ballot. The resolution would cut three projects: a fire station, opening Belvoir Ranch to the public, and alley improvement in downtown Cheyenne. That would free up $5.8 million for Cheyenne’s streets. City Councilman Bryan Cook supports the resolution to reexamine the ballot. He says the new City administration and council members should have a say in what is on the ballot.

Mayor Marian Orr says the new resolution would reflect what she heard during her campaign.

Under the resolution the money for the Belvoir and downtown core would be cut. The $3 million for Fire State 5’s replacement would be rerouted into an existing $3 million project to repair and refurbish other existing fire stations.
The resolution was referred to the Finance Committee.