Court Dismisses Capitol Square Project Suit Against Legislative Leadership

Leg Majority 1-18-2017

Laramie County District Court Judge Catherine Rogers has dismissed the lawsuit over the Capitol Square Project filed last year against Gov. Matt Mead and legislative leadership by former Rep. Gerald Gay and Evanston resident Karl Allred.

“We are happy with Judge Rodgers’ ruling on the Capitol Square Project case,” said Wyoming Senate President Eli Bebout. “The Capitol Building Restoration Oversight Group, a collaborative effort between the Governor’s office and the Legislature, has worked diligently and faithfully to restore and improve Wyoming’s historic Capitol complex for the benefit of Wyoming citizens. With this ruling, we move one step closer to the Capitol Square Project’s successful completion with one less frivolous distraction.”

“The State of Wyoming has been planning and saving money for more than 15 years to fund the first ever comprehensive renovation of the Wyoming Capitol,” said House Speaker Steve Harshman. “This project is important to ensuring public access and participation in the legislative process; addressing critical infrastructure and safety needs; and restoring and preserving Wyoming’s 125-year-old Capitol building. The members of the House and Senate are working diligently to complete the Capitol Square Project on time and on budget.”