Department of Ed To Gather Input On Digital Learning Plan

WDE 1-22,2015

The Wyoming of Education (WDE) is holding meetings across the state to gather public input as the Statewide Digital Learning Plan (SDLP) is being prepared for presentation to school districts and legislators.

“The SDLP is a five year comprehensive technology plan to improve student access to digital learning opportunities,” said Laurel Ballard, Team Supervisor. “Wyoming has emerged as a leader in broadband connectivity. Our next step is to complete a comprehensive digital learning plan for education.”

“Through the work of the Distance Education Task Force we saw the need for a comprehensive plan on education technology and the need to do more to determine the needs of students,” said Brent Bacon, WDE Chief Academic Officer. “The listening sessions will be to meet with folks to make sure we continue to create more opportunities for all Wyoming students.”

One goal of the sessions is to understand how technology is currently being used in the classroom.

“Students, parents, educators, boards of trustees, libraries, the community college system, the University of Wyoming, and individuals from both the public and private sector will all benefit fromnetwork connectivity in and between schools, communities, and between the state and the world,” said Ballard.

The tour kicks off in Evanston on Monday, January 25th, and finishes in Cheyenne on February 10th.