DUI Enforcement for “Border War” Game

By Staff

CHEYENNE,Wyo.— The Cheyenne Police Department will be teaming up with other law enforcement agencies on US Highway 287 for DUI and seat belt enforcement on Nov. 7 for the “Border War” between the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University football teams.

The “Border War” brings one of the busiest travel days on US Highway 287, as fans drive to Laramie for a 1 p.m. kick off at War Memorial Stadium.

US Highway 287 is 65 miles of state highway that connects Ft. Collins, Col. and Laramie, Wyo. Wyoming and Colorado law enforcement will be out in force patrolling US 287 for speeders, drunk drivers and those not buckling up.

The Cheyenne Police Department will have the DUI Task Force command vehicle out in support of the event and it will be used by law enforcement officers making DUI arrests.

The vehicle has all the equipment needed to process a DUI arrest quickly and efficiently and will allow multiple law enforcement agencies to coordinate traffic enforcement in the region.

Along with the Cheyenne Police Department other agencies staffing the 30 miles of US 287 in Wyoming include the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Laramie Police Department, Albany County Sheriff’s Office, University of Wyoming Police Department, and Wyoming State Park Rangers.