Enzi will Chair Senate Budget Committee

By Kari Eakins – 17 Nov ’14

A Wyoming accountant will likely be the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee in the 114th Congress. Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi announced today that he and Budget Committee Ranking Member Senator Jeff Sessions, have come to an agreement in which Enzi will chair the committee and Sessions will take on a significant role.

“I look forward to working with Jeff and the rest of the Budget Committee members on a budget that cuts spending, targets executive overreach, and reduces the size of government,” said Enzi in a release. “We have an incredible opportunity to do something great for our country and Jeff will play an integral role in this.”

Enzi says Sessions will oversee reform in welfare spending and identifying and eliminating wasteful federal spending.

Fellow Wyoming Senator John Barrasso issued a statement congratulating Enzi on the chairmanship, “Mike is going to be an excellent chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. As a former state legislator, mayor, small businessman and a certified public accountant, he has the perfect experience and expertise for this position of a lifetime. I know Mike is excited to lead by cutting wasteful spending and protecting hardworking Americans’ tax dollars. His promotion is good news for the people of Wyoming and America.”

Enzi’s chairmanship is pending a committee vote and GOP caucus approval.