Cheyenne Light Makes $5.1M Error on Rate Paperwork

By Reece Monaco – 17 Nov ’14

The Wyoming Public Service Commission will allow Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power to fix a $5 million mistake. Spokesperson Sharon Fain says the original $5.1 million mistake came from a math error when the utility sought a rate hike to recover the cost of the new Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station.

“This issue was that there was a miscalculation in the original rate paperwork that was filed in December of 2013,” explains Fain. “Our group discovered the mistake, took it to the Wyoming Public Service Commission, we asked to be able fix the mistake in the original paperwork, but at this point we’ll be having to file new paperwork before March 1st of 2015.”

The WPSC granted Cheyenne Light the right to begin to recover the lost revenue on December 1st with interim rates. Customer rates will not be effected right now, but they could be in future.

“If there is any change related to this case, it wouldn’t happen until April of 2016.”