Greene: Cheney “Out of Reach” to Candidates, Voters

9-6, 2016

Today, U.S. House Candidate Ryan Greene reissued a challenge to Elizabeth Cheney to participate in a series of debates before the November 8 general election. Following Greene’s initial August 23 challenge, the Cheney campaign nominated Wyoming Republican Party State Chairman Matt Micheli to serve as a go-between for negotiations. Representatives of the Greene Campaign have repeatedly contacted Chairman Micheli during the two weeks that have lapsed since the August 23 challenge. While Micheli has accepted calls, he has not conveyed any response or reaction on behalf of the Cheney campaign.

“Mrs. Cheney is out of reach to Wyoming candidates, voters, and citizens,” Greene told supporters at a campaign breakfast in Rock Springs. “If she’s unreachable as a candidate, she’ll be inaccessible as a congressman.”

The five proposed debates would take place in Casper, and in locations to be determined in each corner of the state. The debates would each last about one hour, accept questions from the audience, and allow Greene and Cheney to ask questions of one another. Greene issued the challenge after being denied a seat at publicized nonpartisan forums.

“Two weeks later and we haven’t heard a peep from Mrs. Cheney,” added Greene. “At least Barbara Cubin agreed to debate Gary Trauner twice. I understand that Mrs. Cheney wasn’t living in Wyoming when Cubin served our state, but someone on her staff should have told her about it.”

Wyoming news outlets including K2TV and the Casper Star have confirmed debate coverage of the Greene Campaign’s proposed debates. Former Wyoming State Legislators including Sen. Frank Prevedel (SD-12) have offered their time and services for debate moderation and timekeeping.

“Wyoming has a choice,” said Greene. “Try two years of Greene or take twenty years of Cheney, because if we give her that seat, she’s not gonna budge. In two years, if I haven’t done Wyoming proud, vote me out. Its that simple. Wyoming can’t lose with Greene.”