Lummis Votes Against President’s Plan to Arm and Train Syrians

By Kari Eakins – 18 Sept ’14

The U.S. House passed two amendments on Wednesday to the continuing resolution to fund government which authorize the President’s plan to arm and train approved Syrian rebel groups to defend against groups like ISIS. Wyoming Representative Cynthia Lummis voted against the measures, citing the lack of an end goal in the President’s plan.

“After waiting until the window for opportunity to act on these threats has all but closed, President Obama has requested authority to commit American resources and troops to assist, equip, and train ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels, but this is just one among several bad options we now have,” said Lummis in a release. “The President does not seem to have any conviction that this strategy is the best strategy we have, or even that it is a good strategy at all.”