New K9 Joins CPD

Dan Long; Cheyenne Police Department
By Staff

CHEYENNE,Wyo.— The Cheyenne Police Department has a new addition to its K9 unit who brings a unique skill set to the department.

K9 Jano (YAH-NO), a Bavarian Mountain Hound from Slovakia, was born October 2014 and will be trained in scent specific tracking as well as narcotics detection.

The Cheyenne Police Department’s K9 unit now has four dogs. Of the four, K9 Jano is the only dog on the Cheyenne Police Department who is trained in scent specific tracking in addition to narcotics detection. The remaining three dogs, K9 Capo, K9 Ruger and K9 Niko, are trained in general patrol work, narcotics detection and ground disturbance tracking.