New Website Outlines State’s Energy Strategy

By Staff-15, July ’14

Governor Matt Mead unveiled a new website that highlights Wyoming’s energy strategy. It is a resource for people interested in energy, the environment and the economy and also tracks progress on the energy strategy. Governor Mead released “Leading the Charge: Wyoming’s Action Plan for Energy, Environment, and Economy” last year and implementation began right away. The strategy contains a series of initiatives, which Wyoming state agencies have undertaken ever since.

“Energy and the environment are critical to the people of Wyoming and this strategy aims at striking a balance for our economic prosperity and quality of life,” Governor Mead said. “We have been busy with the initiatives that the public identified for the energy strategy and now people have another way to get updates and give feedback on these efforts.”

The website has an overview of the energy strategy and progress updates on each initiative. The website will also be a portal to resources that are related to the energy strategy, for example, the energy atlas and the water strategy.

“As we start new efforts like the water strategy, developing an Integrated Test Center, and exploring an industrial project to add value to natural resources, this website will be an important tool for all involved,” Governor Mead said.

The Integrated Test Center is an idea Governor Mead supports. He asked for and received $15 million from the Legislature to construct a testing facility that would house researchers looking at new commercial uses of CO2. The facility would be located at a Wyoming coal-fired power plant. Governor Mead announced today that Black Hills Power and Basin Electric have expressed interest in learning more about hosting the Test Center.

“I appreciate that these two companies will explore the possibility of hosting the Integrated Test Center. The research that would happen there has great potential to help the coal industry while also reducing emissions. I am pleased that we are still moving forward,” Governor Mead said.

New Website Outlines State’s Energy Strategy