Resolution Paves Way for Cheyenne to Become Climate Wellness Capital

City 1-7-22

Mayor Patrick Collins, the Cheyenne City Council, and Wyoming’s Carbon Asset Network (CAN) have jointly announced a commitment to work on their “Climate Wellness through Soil Health” initiative. The commitment comes from an adopted City Resolution at the December 28th, 2021 City Council Meeting. The desire is that the Resolution will be equally impactful in stewarding our environment by the very people who work the land.

The Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WYSGA), who is partnered with CAN, sent a letter of support of the Resolution. Dale Steenbergen, CEO/President of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, commented at the December 28th Council Meeting on the significance of the Mayor, City Council, and WYSGA working together. Steenbergen remarked the last time these entities joined together on an initiative was 125 years ago with the start of Cheyenne Frontiers Days (CFD).

 “Wyoming has been a leader in everything from the first female governor to water innovation with Buffalo Bill Cody. We, again, are leading the way with Cheyenne to become the Climate Wellness Capital,” said Mayor Collins. “There’s no better place than Cheyenne where sprawling land and experienced land managers now team with blockchain to render our environment cleaner and safer.”

Moving forward the City will work with CAN to develop the program with any additional agreements, MOU’s, or contracts developed between the City and CAN to be submitted for approval by the Governing Body.

CAN’s program supplies land managers with grants and the tools to help increase their soil’s health. Increasing soil health increases the ability of the soil to capture additional soil organic carbon. Increasing soil organic carbon leads to cleaner air, as the carbon is displaced from the air to the soil through increased plant growth and photosynthesis. The end result is that empowering better soil health leads to a better environment for our children and grandchildren.

“We are thrilled to partner with the City of Cheyenne and appreciate their forward thinking to solve problems in cooperation with nature’s way to clean our air,” said John Robitaille of CAN. “The Mayor and the Council’s vision blends nicely with CAN’s mission of Climate Wellness through Soil Health.”

Carbon Asset Network (CAN) is a Wyoming company that networks together land stewards – from ranches to farms to golf courses – who commit to a 12-month customized plan with CAN’s agronomist to change practices to become more regenerative. These land managers are provided grants from the nonprofit Synergy for Ecological Solutions to purchase new equipment or implement more expensive but sustainable practices designed to help improve the health of the soil and increase soil organic carbon.

CAN uses blockchain technology to verify the soil samples are sent to a certified laboratory, which reports the results directly to the blockchain, which creates a transparent process where all actions and partners are accountable. CAN is expanding these blockchain operations to create NFT Soil Tokens.

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