Secretary of State Hopefuls Meet at Debate

By Associated Press – 14 Aug ’14

Cheyenne businessman Ed Murray tried to paint himself as the only candidate who offers new blood as he faced off against three others also seeking the Wyoming Republican Party’s nomination for secretary of state.

But as Murray criticized the others for their political experience, candidate Ed Buchanan of Torrington, a former speaker of the Wyoming House, retorted that Murray didn’t have his facts straight on local government funding issues. Buchanan suggested some political experience might benefit Murray.

Murray and Buchanan, as well as Pete Illoway, a Cheyenne businessman and former legislator, and Clark Stith, a Rock Springs lawyer who serves on the Rock Springs city council, faced off Wednesday in Riverton at a debate sponsored by Wyoming Public Media.

No Democrat is running for Secretary of State in Tuesday’s primary.

Secretary of State Hopefuls Meet at Debate