Sheriff’s Department Reports Pursuit and Arrest

Sheriff 3-1-17

At approximately 11:19 on February 28, deputies with the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department responded to the 900 block of Dayshia Lane in reference to a driver who was either stuck or passed out in a driveway. Deputies contacted the driver and, while running a check on him and his driver’s license, the driver drove off toward US 85 and headed south toward Colorado. The individual driving the car drove south in the northbound lane at speeds that reached 100 mph.

While pursuing the vehicle deputies noticed items that were being thrown out of the vehicle they were pursuing. Laramie County Deputies stopped pursing the vehicle at the Wyoming-Colorado border. Weld County Deputies located the vehicle at about one mile into Colorado, the vehicle had crashed. The driver was identified as Chaz A. Ulrich. Ulrich had a Wyoming warrant out for his arrest with full extradition. Weld County Deputies arrested Ulrich. The warrant was for a parole violation.

While Ulrich was driving his vehicle southbound he was throwing items out of his vehicle. Deputies located two knives, and a separate bag that contained approximately 29 grams of suspected methamphetamine and a misdemeanor amount of marijuana.

The case for the Wyoming portion of the pursuit is being sent to the Laramie County District Attorney’s Office today for potential charges. One Deputy received minor injuries when Ulrich initially drove away from the 900 block of Dayshia. He slipped on the ice, hurting his right wrist and knee.