Suspect Identified in ATM Burglary, Arrested For Bestiality In AZ.

courtesy Cheyenne Police Department

CHEYENNE,Wyo.—   Jacob Blatchford, 37, of Tucson, Arizona, has been identified as the person trying to steal an ATM from the Sinclair Station at 600 Vandehei on August 4, 2018. The suspect used a stolen excavator to break through the outer glass and attempted to rip the ATM out of the floor of the store.  The suspect, who brought his dog along with him, fled when the alarms activated. 

Blatchford was arrested in Pima County, Arizona, where he is still in custody on a fifty-thousand-dollar cash bond for sexually assaulting a petting zoo pony and burglary on August 13, 2018 ( 0