Two Arrested In Suspected Kidnapping And Drug Charges

Joshua Miller, courtesy Laramie County Sheriff Department

By staff 12-18,2015

On December 16, 2015 a Deputy with the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department was on patrol in the area of Ridge Road just north of Four Mile Road. The Deputy drove upon a disturbance in progress in which a male was being held on the ground by two other males.

The male being held to the ground was identified as Wayne Haubenschild. Wayne told the deputy that he was taken from his residence against his will. The two males holding Haubenschild to the ground were identified as Joshua Miller and Daniel Garcia.

Miller and Garcia drove to 6117 Laramie Street and confronted Haubenschild . Haubenschild stated Miller forced his way into the residence while Garcia stayed in the vehicle. Haubenschild said he did not resist because there were children in the home and he felt he had no choice but to leave with Miller. Miller grabbed Haubenschild on the left shoulder area and the two walked out to the vehicle Miller arrived in which was a black Cadillac SUV. Haubenschild said when he got into the vehicle there were two other parties present, Daniel Garcia and another female later identified as Farrah Miller.

All parties then left 6117 Laramie St. and drove toward the area where the deputy located the disturbance. While driving Miller confronted Haubenschild about money owed to Miller over a previous drug deal. Haubenschild initially jumped out the vehicle in the area of Ridge and Four Mile and ran toward a citizen’s vehicle that was driving behind the Cadillac SUV. Miller and Garcia exited the Cadillac and ran after Haubenschild. The two men caught Haubenschild right behind the citizen’s truck and it was just shortly after that the deputy arrived.

Once all parties were secured and an investigating ensued a K-9 was called to the scene. The K-9 gave a “positive alert” on the Cadillac SUV. The vehicle was searched and a black backpack was found in the rear passenger area. A small amount of suspected methamphetamine and other drug paraphernalia was found in the backpack. Two syringes were found under the driver’s seat. On the backseat was a piece of note paper that appeared to have the directions to were Haubenschild was staying on Laramie Street.

As a result of Miller and Garcia being taken into custody a search warrant was executed at Joshua Miller’s house at 1805 Cheyenne Place. The warrant was executed on 12-17-15 at approximately 1430 hours. The Sheriffs Department was assisted by the Cheyenne/Laramie County combine SWAT Team.

Some items taken as a result of the search warrant were one .45 semi-auto Springfield handgun. Several gun cases that did not have guns inside, ammunition, gun magazines, and surveillance equipment. When the warranted was executed at 1805 Cheyenne Place, Nikko Johnson was located in the residence and he was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant for Domestic Battery (2″d Offense).

The investigation continues but at this point Joshua Miller 36 years of age and Daniel Garcia 25 years of age are being held in the Laramie County Detention Facility on charges of Kidnapping By Force and a misdemeanor charge of Possession of Methamphetamine. Joshua Miller stated he recently purchased the black Cadillac SUV.