Unmarked Sheriff’s Car Stolen

By Staff 6-17,2016

Local law enforcement authorities are investigating the theft a an unmarked Laramie County Sheriff’s Department detective’s car.

Captain Linda Gesell says the unmarked car was stolen from out in front of the detective’s home Thursday evening.  Gesell says the vehicle had the window broken out and was hotwired.

Gesell says they are concerned about the theft because of the AR-15 rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun that were in the trunk of the car.

“The car is not much a concern, that can easily be replaced.  We certainly are concerned about the two weapons that were in the car.  If anyone sees the vehicle occupied under no circumstances should they try and approach whoever is in there.  Call 911 immediately.”

The car is described as a white Chevy Impala.  The Cheyenne Police Department along with the Sheriff’s Department are investigating the theft.