Changes To Transit System Start July 5th

By Staff 6-30,2-16

Route changes and new fares for the Cheyenne Transit Program begin on Tuesday, July 5.

With the route changes, the Cheyenne Transit Program will provide bus service to the new Walmart, 580 Livingstone Avenue, as well as to businesses just east of Gardenia Avenue off of Yellowstone Road, and businesses on Vandehei Avenue just east of Interstate 25.

The one way fare will increase to $1.50 per rider and students 18 years and younger will pay $1.25.

“This is the first fare increase at the Cheyenne Transit Program in 27 years,” said Renae Jording, Transit Director for the City of Cheyenne. “As our City grows so does the need to provide service to more areas of Cheyenne, and we are happy to do that for our customers.”

Jording also added that the arrival/departure times on many of the boarding/deboarding locations will change, so riders will need to make sure they are at the boarding area at the new time.

Cheyenne Transit Program transports about 22,000 riders per month and travels 43,000 miles per month. There are 153 boarding areas located around Cheyenne and surrounding areas. Of those 153 boarding areas, 52 have shelters. The federal government provides the majority of funding for the Cheyenne Transit Program at 57 percent, while the City provides 27 percent, and Laramie County 3 percent. The remaining funds come from the State of Wyoming along with fares and donations. The transit program has a $2.3 million budget and operates six routes, 13 hours a day Monday through Friday and 8 hours on Saturday. There is no service on Sunday.

The new route changes and fare increases were approved by the Cheyenne Governing Body earlier this month.

Patrons are reminded they can check the location of the bus they want to ride by going to the following website: