Cheyenne Animal Shelter Alerts Community of Animal Control Impersonators

By Staff

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is warning the community they have become aware of animal control officers being impersonated in two separate incidents over the past weekend.

The impersonators attempted to remove animals from their homes and are described as wearing blue uniforms and driving a blue truck with yellow lights on top.

Cheyenne Animal Control officers encourage you to require anyone claiming to be an animal control officer to provide proper identification.

According to Cheyenne Animal Shelter dispatch lead, Emma Borden, Every animal control officer has a specific uniform and badge and name tag at all times. “They can present you with an identification card. If you ever have any doubts about the animal control officer that has shown up, you can call the animal control line,” Borden said.

You can also can verify an officer’s information by calling the Cheyenne Animal Shelter at (307)635-1453.