Cheyenne Fire Rescue, Cheyenne Police To Hold Joint Training Exercise

khawkins04, Flickr

CPD  1-11-19

Cheyenne Fire Rescue and the Cheyenne Police Department will hold a joint training exercise next week at the now vacant Cole Shopping Center complex in East Cheyenne.


The two departments will participate in an active shooter scenario on January 14, 16, and 17. The training will take place from 9 a.m. to Noon, and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The public will see a heavy presence of fire and police personnel and equipment at the Cole Shopping Center while training is conducted on those three days.


The Cole Shopping Center has been vacant since 2016. Blue Federal Credit Union announced this past November it had purchased the shopping center and will transform it into a corporate headquarters, new branch location, community space and retail property. Blue FCU officials plan to develop the site by June of 2020.


“Cheyenne Fire Rescue and the Cheyenne Police Department are grateful Blue Federal Credit Union has allowed us the opportunity to do some training at this facility before construction takes place later this year,” said Nick Siemens, Cheyenne Fire Rescue Division Chief of Training. “We hope to never have a situation like this in Cheyenne, but if we do we will know that our first responders have the necessary training to ensure the public’s safety and get those who need medical attention the help they need as fast as possible.”


Michele Bolkovatz of Blue FCU stated, “we are thrilled that our police and fire can take advantage of using the building for training purposes before we start the demolition later this spring.”


“Training opportunities like this helps our officers work with other first responders and get a feel of what it might feel like if we ever have an active shooter situation,” said David Janes, Training Sergeant for the Cheyenne Police Department. “We hope we never have a situation like this, but we know we need to be ready just in case.”


If you are interesting in portraying a victim in this training exercise, please contact Cheyenne Fire Rescue Division Chief of Training Nick Siemens at or Scott Smith at Please provide your name, a contact phone number, and the day and time frame when you can volunteer.