Children’s Museum Of Cheyenne, U.W. Receive Federal Grant

By Staff 9-2,2015

The University of Wyoming Department of Molecular Biology, Department of Mathematics, and Children’s Museum of Cheyenne (CMC) are thrilled to receive a $625,462 grant award from the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF).

While a large portion of this grant will be used for scientific research at the University of Wyoming, more than $88,000 will be used for the purpose of creating a live-cell microscopy exhibit at the CMC, with three years of programming assistance. The goal: that children and adults alike will walk away with a new appreciation for cell biology and the organization of life at the microscale.

Grant Bowman, UW Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology and lead investigator of the project states: “I’m extremely grateful to the National Science Foundation and the Children’s Museum of Cheyenne for giving me the opportunity to inspire children (and even adults) with the same feeling of amazement that I had when I first saw life under a microscope as a very young boy. This exhibit will be truly unique and, in terms of our efforts to create a stunning, interactive, and continually changing experience for museum visitors, it is itself a bit of an experiment. What a joyful project for a cell biologist!”

“We are so excited to have community, state, and now national support for Children’s Museum of Cheyenne,” said CMC President, Amy Surdam. “The University of Wyoming has been extremely supportive. We are so thankful for their partnership and commitment to investing in children of all ages and their outreach throughout the state. Additionally, the support of the National Science Foundation is pivotal. They are investing in the children of Wyoming. Our citizens and children should be proud. People from all over the nation want them to succeed.”