City Finishes Mapping Greenway System That Users Can View On Google Street View

City of Cheyenne   10-5, 2016

City of Cheyenne Greenway Trails Planner/Coordinator Jeff Wiggins will finish this week a project he has been working on for the last six weeks.
Wiggins is currently mapping out the City’s 40 plus miles of Greenway that can be viewed on Google Maps ( through the Street View browser. Wiggins was reading an article about another community that was inventorying its Greenway through a 360-degree loaner camera from Google, clicked on a link at the bottom of the article, applied to use the camera and was notified weeks later that Google was sending him a camera to use.
“This has been a real learning experience,” said Wiggins. “I started documenting the Greenway by walking but quickly realized that it was going to take a very long time. So I decided to take to my bike and it has gone well ever since. Because of data collection limitations on the camera and the phone, I’m only able to cover about two or three miles of Greenway before I go back to the office and upload the information to Google Street View. Each two- or three-mile segment information takes about 60 to 90 minutes to download and upload.”
Wiggins said he sees the Greenway mapping as a promotional tool for the City of Cheyenne which will be beneficial to not only to residents but visitors to our City as well. “This is a great way to interact with and explore the City of Cheyenne,” Wiggins said. “What better way to see a community than to use that community’s Greenway system.”
The plan is to update the Street View of the Greenway every couple of years with the hopes the Greenway Foundation will purchase a 360-degree camera in the near future.
This project was at no cost to the City of Cheyenne.