City’s Lube Shop No Longer Accepts Waste Oil

by Staff – 7 July ’14

The City of Cheyenne Lube Shop will no longer accept waste oil in order to prepare for the removal of the existing waste oil tank.

During removal of the oil tank, waste oil will be accepted only on special collection dates at the Transfer Station. The next household hazardous waste collection will be held at the Transfer Station on August 17.

“We expect to have our new household hazardous waste facility open in early 2015,” says Assistant Public Works Director Vicki Nemecek. “Once this facility is open, it will be the single point of collection for all household hazardous waste.”

The City says waste should be left in its original container with labels intact, if possible. For safety reasons, never combine household hazardous wastes into a single container.

City’s Lube Shop No Longer Accepts Waste Oil