Cheyenne Police Hosting Neighborhood Night Out

by Reece Monaco – 7 July ’14

Tuesday night is a night designed to bring neighbors and police officers together with block parties all around Cheyenne. The Cheyenne Police Department is hosting the 5th Annual Neighborhood Night Out with over 20 block parties.

“We’ve seen everything from the large 1,500 people in a park to 15 people sitting around having a barbecue,” says CPD public information officer Dan Long. “Either way the message still gets out of getting to know your neighbors, whether you’re meeting a lot of people or just meeting a few neighbors in your area. You can actually help us in fighting crime by knowing your neighbors, knowing what’s happening in your neighborhood and knowing when things are out of place.”

CPD Police Chief Brian Kozak started the Neighborhood Night Out block parties five years ago. He says the event also helps people get to know the police officers, which also helps with them be effective crime fighters.

You can find a list of block parties and their locations by clicking here.