Company Purchases Holmes Building On Cheyenne’s West Edge

courtesy warehouse 21

By Staff 3-16,2016

Warehouse Twenty One, a full-service advertising and marketing agency, has taken a significant step in their efforts to spur development across Cheyenne’s historic West Edge with the recent purchase of the Holmes property (city block) at 723 West 21st Street.

The Holmes building/property was once owned by Harold W. Holmes, co-founder of Taco John’s, one of Cheyenne’s most well-known business success stories. Holmes was instrumental in helping restaurateur John Turner build the first Taco John’s restaurants.

This acquisition sets the stage for the company’s overarching plans for continued growth in the area, a process which began when Warehouse Twenty One moved into its current headquarters at 822 West 23rd Street in 2007.

Cheyenne’s West Edge project connects Cheyenne’s historic downtown with its railroad, warehouse district, and industrial areas to create a re-energized hub for businesses, shops, restaurants, and parks with the goal of encouraging a vibrant city center capable of growing the local economy.

Warehouse Twenty One’s co-owners, CEO Dave Teubner and CBO Dean Dexter, are pleased to announce that the Holmes property officially came under Warehouse Twenty One ownership in January of this year. Development is slated to begin in two years as the company co-locates its current headquarters and its east business park warehouse facilities at the Holmes location. “Our employees are the backbone of this company, and we share a passion and commitment to giving back to our community. We’re excited to continue to support Cheyenne’s growing creative and tech economy with the vision and development of our new property,” Teubner said.

Warehouse Twenty One opened its doors in 2007 as a startup. It has evolved into one of the region’s leading creative agencies and competes at a national level for high-demand accounts while offering competitive salaries over a wide range of positions. “Warehouse,” the employees’ colloquial name for the company, provides a wide array of branding, advertising, and event services to their clients.

As the company’s footprint and client portfolio grows, Teubner and Dexter point to the location as a key factor in inspiring the work Warehouse produces, and trace their choice of headquarters to their passion for fostering a cohesive company culture and preserving unique, historic structures on the West Edge.

“Our current location is already an anchor site for this part of Cheyenne, and we enjoy rehabilitating buildings and being entrepreneurs. We also share a love for this community, which is what made the Holmes property perfect for us,” Dexter said.

Teubner added that nurturing a workplace where creativity and passion can thrive relies on being in an environment conducive to that culture. “The city has been great in supporting our passion for developing the West Edge. We want to continue to champion the area’s new direction and character as we’ve done since we opened Warehouse Twenty One, and we hope this encourages other businesses to consider the West Edge and become involved in reimagining this part of Cheyenne,” Teubner said.

Teubner, Dexter, and Warehouse Twenty One’s staff share a dedication to contributing to the community. “We discovered this city is an amazing place,” Teubner expressed. He continued, “Walking along the railroad tracks we saw a lot of potential here. With the right people revitalizing this area it’s possible to make a big difference in Cheyenne. We want to leave a mark on the city.”

“I looked at a lot of places for my company, but when I saw the investment Cheyenne had made in things like the Greenway and the library, I knew it was a great opportunity,” Dexter said.

With two anchor properties in the West Edge, Teubner and Dexter hope they are helping to inspire a new era for the nascent West Edge and kindling the fires of a revitalized creative spirit in Cheyenne.