CPD Front Desk Officers Keeping Busy

CPD  9-2-17

The Cheyenne Police Department has been utilizing its front desk officers since the position was created in June of 2016.  The front desk officer takes calls for service in addition to greeting visitors to the police department.


The desk officer takes reports from people who come into the police station and investigates a variety of calls for service over the phone.  This is done to speed up the police response and provide assistance to citizens in a timely fashion.  Prior to this position, officers assigned to various areas of Cheyenne would have to respond to the station lobby when a person came in to make a report.  By having a desk officer, the patrol officers can remain in their areas and more quickly respond to emergencies.  Many reports can be taken over the phone including reports on simple frauds, unauthorized use of credit cards and vandalism.  The calls are initiated through the dispatch center and assigned to the front desk officer who will contact the reporting party over the phone.


As Cheyenne has continued to grow over the last few years, so too have the calls for service for the police department.  In 2016 the CPD responded to a record total of 77,781 calls for service.  During the last three months, the CPD’s front desk officer has investigated an average of 12 calls for service each day.  This compares to the average day patrol officer responding to over 10 calls per day.  The front desk officers are available to assist the public during regular business hours.