Max Maxfield Reflects on His Decades of Public Service [AUDIO]

By Kari Eakins – 19 Nov ’14

When Secretary of State-Elect Ed Murray is sworn into office on January 5th, Max Maxfield won’t be there. After 16 years as a statewide elected official, Wyoming’s current Secretary of State is preparing to say farewell to his dream job and says he’ll be on vacation with his wife to give Murray space to “dig in” to the office.

“I fully admit that it is emotional and it is a stressful time when you’re leaving something you love,” said Maxfield. “I just have to say I’m leaving a job I love, for a family I love more and that’s what it’s all about. It’s been a great ride. The staff has been there for me, the Governor’s been there and the other Elected’s. It’s just been a joy, the amount of people I’ve been able to work with over the years. Everybody that’s in Washington today, I was able to work with on a state level and that’s been a real honor to keep up those friendships… and those are things that will stay with me.”

Maxfield was on Cheyenne Today on Friday. On the show, he looked back on his proudest accomplishments, talked about the things he’s doing to help Murray transition into the office, gave his thoughts on the future of the Cowboy State, his opinion of Governor Matt Mead and his perspective on the recent tumult within Wyoming’s Republican Party.

“I’m troubled by it because I think that there’s been a small group that’s been more mean-spirited than I would like,” said Maxfield, “I think there’s room for civility and disagreement, room for different conversations, different viewpoints without being mean-spirited. Unfortunately, within my party there have been some actions I’m not proud of.”

While he will certainly be slowing down, Maxfield says he’s been asked to be involved with Wyoming Alzheimer’s Association and will continue working with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

You can listen to Maxfield’s full interview on Cheyenne Today below.