Pot Edibles Bill Passes First Reading

Staff    2-19, 2016

A bill that would criminalize marijuana edibles in Wyoming passed first reading in the Senate yesterday. The Senate also approved an amendment that would make it a felony to possess three ounces or more of edible marijuana. Senator Jeff Wasserburger from Gillette is the sponsor of the bill. He says he is concerned about the amount of marijuana being brought into the state from Colorado since it was legalized there. He says marijuana can be much more powerful in edible form.

Senator Leland Christensen from Alta says marijuana is not the same today as it was in the past.

Christensen says he is also concerned that marijuana edibles can be marketed toward kids.

The argument against the amendment was that setting the felony limit at three ounces is hard to define because there isn’t a way to account for actual THC content in an edible and it would make it too easy for somebody to end up as a felon for having an edible with very low levels of THC.