Two Acres Of Land Offered As A New Location For Children’s Museum

By Staff 8-29,2016

The niece of the late Paul Smith is offering to donate two acres of land on Cheyenne’s west edge as a new location for the Children’s Museum of Cheyenne.  Stephanie White inherited over 20 acres of land near the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center from her uncle who once owned the Hitching Post Inn.  White calls the land offer a solution for the Children’s Museum and the developer of the Hynds building who is looking for parking for his project.

The Children’s Museum of Cheyenne currently owns the land next to the Hynds building know as “the Hole.”  The developer of the Hynds building has been looking for a viable solution to parking for the project and has offered to buy the land next to the building from the Children’s Museum.  The Children’s Museum has turned down a previous offer to sell the land.

White was joined by Cheyenne Mayoral candidate Marian Orr at a press conference Monday to announce the proposed land donation.  Orr called the offer to donate the two acres of land to the Children’s Museum as win-win for the both museum and the development of the Hynds building.  White has already donated three acres of the land she inherited to the City of Cheyenne for recreational use.  If the Children’s museum turns down the offer, the two acres of land would then go to the city.

Orr’s opponent in the race for mayor Amy Surdam, is President of the Children’s Museum of Cheyenne.  Emails and calls to Surdam were not immediately returned.