Wyoming Lottery Announces Names Of Retailers

With the Aug. 24 launch of Powerball® and Mega Millions® ticket sales less than a month away, the Wyoming Lottery has started releasing the names of the retailers it has approved so far. The Lottery’s goal is to have a maximum of 450 to 500 ticket-selling locations statewide.

To find the nearest WyoLotto™ location, residents can check the website, www.wyolotto.com. The online list will be updated continually as additional retailers are approved.

Over the next several weeks, residents will start seeing the bright blue and yellow WyoLotto signs appearing on approved retailers such as gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants and bars across the state.

“The excitement is pretty high as we work to notify and train retailers to sell tickets,” said Jon Clontz, the Wyoming Lottery’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Our focus right now is on working hand-in-hand with retailers, holding retailer training sessions and testing the equipment so we can be ready on August 24.”

The Lottery selected retailers based on several criteria, including annual sales, foot traffic, the size of the population over 18 years of age and geographic location. Earlier this spring, retailers reviewed the criteria and application process and gave their input during statewide workshops attended by over 400 people.

Clontz stressed that retailers are the backbone of the lottery’s success. “We have worked hard to make the selection process fair and have made efficient, effective decisions to maximize revenue.”

Retailers will be notified of their selection status over the next couple of weeks. However, the lottery plans to continue to accept applications. 

“We expect to add more retailers as the lottery grows,” Clontz said. “Interested retailers should apply and those that didn’t make the first cut may re-apply after 90 days.”