Group: State Should Increase Drilling Setbacks

By Associated Press – 17 Sept ’14

A landowners’ group is calling on Wyoming oil and gas regulators to strengthen proposed rules to increase the minimum distance between drilling rigs and dwellings.

The staff of the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission this month proposed increasing the minimum setback distance for a vertically drilled well to 500 feet. The minimum setback for wells drilled into the ground and then horizontally would increase to 750 feet.

The current minimum distance is 350 feet for all drilling rigs.

The Powder River Basin Resource Council this week contacted Gov. Matt Mead and other commission members to ask that the setbacks be increased up to 750 feet for vertical wells and a quarter-mile for horizontal wells.

The five-member commission is set to act on final rules next month.

Group: State Should Increase Drilling Setbacks