Officers Attending Implicit Bias & De-Escalation Training

CHEYENNE,Wyo.— CPD officers are attending Implicit Bias & De-Escalation training
hosted by Silver State Consulting Group LLC. The goal of this training is to reduce the need to
use force, recognize the sanctity of life, protect officers from harm, reduce injuries to subjects,
and build community trust.
Every CPD officer will have this training, online or in the classroom.
With the national focus on bias, profiling and de-escalation training, this training is helping to
better prepare officers across the country by offering innovative and effective training to improve
decision making and to assist officers in handling high-pressure situations to serve their
communities effectively.
The Cheyenne Police Department has already been implementing this type of training during our
mandated quarterly officer training, but wanted additional training to make our officers even
more prepared and equipped. In addition to this mandated quarterly training, the department also
conducts firearms training and use of force scenario training every month.