Throne Calls for Repeal of Next Gen Science Standards Ban [AUDIO]

by Kari Eakins – 7 July ’14

Rep. Mary Throne (D-Cheyenne) says the Wyoming Legislature should repeal the budget footnote that banned use of the Next Generation Science Standards. The State Board of Education recently voted to halt work on the K-12 state science standards because of the restriction placed on them by the budget footnote.

Throne says lawmakers need to let the state board do its job, “I understand their frustration and, frankly, I guess at this point I don’t blame them. The legislature made a mess of it and we have to get back in there and fix it.”

Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill said in a release last week that the delay only further confuses school districts, leaving them the choice of the 2008 state science standards, developing their own standards, or using the Next Generation Science Standards on their own.

You can listen to all of Throne’s comments on the science standards from her interview on Cheyenne Today below.