Cheyenne Dispatcher Retires After 31 Years of Service

courtesy Wyoming Highway Patrol

By Staff – 17 Nov ’14

After 31 years of dispatching for the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Dispatcher Missy Moellenberg has hung up her headset. Dispatcher Moellenberg began her career on October 17th, 1983 and officially retired on December 1st, 2014. Dispatcher Moellenberg was the last of her dispatch class from 1983 and achieved the level of Dispatcher II before her retirement.

Dispatcher Moellenberg received her retirement plaque from Captain Troy Mclees at her retirement celebration at the WHP dispatch center on December 16th. Dispatcher Moellenberg recollected her most memorable moment dispatching was being on the other end of the radio as a suspect attempted to fatally assault a trooper in 1993.

Dispatcher Moellenberg’s future plans are either furthering her education or starting on her next career.